Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s: as a new couple, November through January can be a daunting time. The holidays can cause stress for any individual, so putting together two people and dividing who goes where and does what on which day can test any recent coupling. However, you don’t have to be at your sweetie’s throat for the next few months trying to figure out holiday plans. Here’s a few tips on handling the holidays as a new couple.

6. Plan Ahead

Once November arrives, consider the upcoming holidays ahead, including Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day. Speak with your significant other about how they normally spend each of these holidays and with whom. Share that same information about how you spend your holidays. Then talk about how you can plan these dates together as a couple.

5. Cover All Your Bases

Of course, don’t forget any holiday-related events that may pop up in between. These can include birthdays, holiday parties at work, or any other get-togethers where you would be expected to bring your sweetie. Double-check your calendar to make sure that you didn’t accidentally forget any of these events when planning on how to spend them. Ask your significant other to do the same so that there’s no surprises.

4. Consider Compromise

Perhaps your significant other wants to spend Thanksgiving at their home because they always have and they don’t want to disappoint their family or deviate from tradition. If you’re used to always spending Thanksgiving with your folks, this can cause an issue. However, in this case, you may need to compromise. Perhaps you eat Thanksgiving dinner at your significant other’s house and then go to yours for dessert. Maybe you decide to spend Thanksgiving with your boyfriend or girlfriend’s family and then spend Christmas with yours. Your ability to compromise will probably come into play here.

3. Confirm Your Plans

Once you make all of the plans and maybe a few compromises in between, confirm your plans with your significant other. Make sure that they are on board for everything and that you are as well. Double-check the plans again a few days later to make sure that there are no issues.

2. Inform All Parties of Your Plans

Once you and your significant other have confirmed your holiday plans with a united front, it’s time to speak to your individual families and anyone else you normally share the holidays with. Discuss where you’ll be and with whom for each holiday coming up as well as any events in between.

1. Enjoy the Holidays

Without having to rush to plan where to spend each holiday at the last minute, you can relax. Having a clear itinerary allows you to focus on the event or holiday that’s coming up with your sweetheart and enjoy the holidays rather than dread them.


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