It’s unfortunate, but true- relationships will have to endure fights/arguments at least occasionally. And with many potentially great relationships ending due to this, it’s imperative to learn ways on handling this situation, and hopefully save/improve the relationship. According to the American Psychological Association, 40 to 50% of marriages end in divorce, and subsequent marriages have a higher rate, in relation to divorce. One main reason for divorce is due to infidelity in many cases; however, many other cases are due to “Irreconcilable differences”. And as a result, there is an outcry for help with this situation. How can we handle our differences, fights, arguments in the potentially great relationships? There must be some strategies to use to savage and improve more relationships, so without further ado, the following are better ways in handling fights and arguments in relationships:

10. Change your approach- If you care about your relationship, it’s best to stop doing and saying things that just set the argument in motion. With that in mind, change your approach when discussing something, or if possible, avoid the topic all together.

9. Go for a walk to think things through- when things are heated, it’s very easy to say things that you will regret later. Therefore, it’s best to take a walk to let off steam, and think things over.

8. Ban the word “but“- sometimes the word “but” may be necessary. Other times, it may seem to your partner, that you just had to include him/her, or that you are not taking account of your actions seriously.

7. Sometimes silence is golden- sometimes being quiet will allow time  for you and your partner to cool down, collect your thoughts, and then come back together.

6. Stop talking over each other- doing this will just infuriate the both of you, and you won’t come to an understanding.

5. Humble yourself and admit your wrong- being humble goes a long way.  It will make your partner be more appreciative of you, and also encourages him/her to respond differently.

4, Learn to forgive and let go- you can’t move forward with your mate without forgiveness, and division will remain.

3. Get quiet and get intimate- sometimes you two may not be getting along, because you haven’t had enough affection from each other.

2, Find the humor-  humor will help lighten up the tense situation.

1, Remember what is important- remember you and your partner have a special love for each other, and thus, your relationship deserves the utmost care and guarding against things not worth tearing you two apart.

Unfortunately, relationships will have to endure fights/arguments at least occasionally. However, if you use the techniques above, you may be able to save your relationship and make it better and long-lasting.


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