Break ups can be very difficult, especially if you didn’t want to break up. If you really think that this is the person that you were meant to be with, you should not give up without a fight. There are a few things that you can do to win your ex back.

#1 Stop All Contact

The worst thing that you can do after a break up, is call and text your ex constantly. Not only will this make you look desperate, it also won’t give him a chance to miss you. If you wait a week or two to call, your ex will wonder why you haven’t called, and what you are doing. A bit of mystery will make them find you interesting again.

#2 Avoid Begging and Using Pity

Begging your ex to take you back, or using pity to get them to come back to you is a bad idea. Begging will make them believe that you are weak and pathetic. The best thing that you can do is let it go, wait, and be patient.

#3 Make the First Conversation Light

After a week or two, you can contact your ex. Be sure not to bring up the break up, or any negative conversations. Talk about all the great things that you have been doing since you broke up (If you didn’t do anything great, lie). Mention things that you did, which reminded you of your time together. Not only will it look like you were living your life without them, it will show them that they were still on your mind, without you coming out and saying it.

#4 Get a Makeover

Before you set up a meeting with your ex, get a hair cut and buy a new outfit. The better you look, the better your chances are of making your ex want you back.

#5 The First Meeting

Call your ex and ask if they want to hang out. Do not mention getting back together. You can tell them that you are going to get something to eat, and ask if they want to meet you there. During your time together, make sure that you let them see the fun side of you. Be the person that you were when they first fell in love with you. If the first meeting goes will, invite your ex on a few more outings. You want them to see that you have changed since the break up.

#6 The Moment of Truth

Once you and your ex have been talking regularly and hanging out often, you can bring up the idea of getting back together. You should still avoid discussing the break up. Let you ex know that you do not want to go back down that road again, and that you want a chance for a fresh start. Remind them of how well you have been getting along, and let them know that you have grown as a person since the break up.

If you and your ex were meant to be, the above steps should help you get there. If not, move on. There are plenty of fish in the sea.


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