Dating can be grueling, especially if you’re doing it in order to try to force certain life events to happen in a prescribed manner. Here’re a few pointers to help you to loosen up and enjoy the dating experience.

1. Loosen up on your expectations
Nowadays, we’re all too accustomed to expecting an experience to go as seen on TV. We expect restaurants to serve us flawlessly. We expect movies to entertain and surprise. But it isn’t very reasonable to expect a date to go according to any specific expectations. Remember, your date is a person- not a service. Leave your expectations at home and just try to have fun.

2. Hold on loosely
Don’t get overly committed to one activity or another. Have a plan in mind, but be ready and willing to deviate from it at a moment’s notice. Spontaneity and creativity are key factors to both having fun and to making a good impression on your date.

3. Do something actively
Activities that happen to you (like movies and restaurants) are fine, but they’re commonplace. Try to find an activity that you make happen. Bowling is quirky and fun. Any kind of game is great. Even just walking can be an adventure if the areas if new and interesting enough. The more engaged you both are in what you’re doing, the better will be the memories that form and the more likely it is that your date will be a memorable experience that marks the beginning of a meaningful relationship.


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