Becoming a realist does not happen over night. Most people, when they are at a younger age and in an acceptable life situation, are optimists at heart, and only start to realize the complications of life – especially life with the opposite sex – causing them to become unsuspecting realists, which is simply another word for being a “Negative Nancy.”

As everyone who has ever had one of these types of friends or significant others, its no fun being around a realist, but some know how to make it work, and so there is usually not much conflict amongst themselves and their realist friend. For those of you who have had negative experiences on dates because you happen to be the realist among the two of you, there is hope yet. 

According to the definition, a realist is somebody who only sees things as they are, and not how they could beOne of the main reasons someone becomes a true realist is because they have experienced one-too-many disappointments in their past relationships. They eventually stop dreaming and starting seeing things as they truly are and not what they can become.

If this happens to define who you are right now, there is no need to change! Many people are like you and can appreciate your way of thinking, even though it can be emotionally tough on them as well as you sometimes. Ask for help to work through your past negative experiences and remember that the person you are with now is not the same as the person you were with before.


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