Love is everywhere and in this blog we’ll look at the thing that sometimes makes our mind and body go numb. Love is a difficult subject to comprehend and some of us are always searching for information on it. This has been made for those people looking for information. It contains materials such as books, blogs and websites that will help you when it comes to dating and relationships.

Dating Books

1.  The Tao of Dating for Women by Dr. Ali

This book is for those smart, educated, career minded women who just can’t seem to find the right guy. The text helps women understand men and their way of thinking. For those having dating troubles then this book is the right one for them. It helps both men and women avoid those “same dating behaviors” that end in miserable situations. Dr Ali says he is a “happiness engineer” so; just give his book a try.

2. The Guy’s Guide to Romance by James Bassil

Are you single with no dating knowledge? Then this book is for you, it covers a variety of issues with its easy to read format and guy friendly lists. For those with a fear of rejection, you don’t need to worry because this book offers a long pep talk to help you overcome your fear of rejection.

3.  Body Language Secrets by R. Don Steele

This one is for men who have a hard time understanding women. Most women are not forward when it comes to relationships. They employ body language and saddle tips that some men never notice. For those of us that have trouble with understanding body language, this book is for you. It will help you understand when a woman gives you the green light and avoid messages flying over your head when a woman hints at something.

4. Un-dateable by Ellen Rakieten and Anne Coyle

Although the book is a bit judgmental and mean spirited, in truth this writing is a dating tip for men. It talks about the lame things that guy’s do that can ruin their first date or turn a woman off completely. The co authors examine the entire funny but true things men do that ruin their first date.

5. Rescuing Relationships by Dr Phillip C. McGraw

This book is a relationship rescue work book. Most men get worried that once in a relationship things will get to repetitive and boring. This book will help you revitalize your relationship and keep the flame going.

Dating Blogs

  • Nerve’s Dating Confession

This is a dating blog that allows its members to post blunt confessions about their dating and sex lives, people they regret not dating and what you’d need to do to earn their romantic attention. The blog let’s you get an insight into the views of other singles and couples when it comes to the dating scene.

  • 30 Dates Blog

This blog offers dating and relationship advice to people. It also gives real dating stories that give you the different views people hold when it comes to dating. Apart from that it also helps its users by giving them information on different singles events and dating website reviews.

  • Urban Dater

This is another blog with various topics on dating, sex, relationships and love. It features real stories and real life experiences from discussions on stomach butterflies. The heart aches and confusions to the joys associated with romance. It places them all in one space for you to read.

Dating Websites

Is a dating website aimed for men based in Thailand. This website gives the men a chance to find Thai women in their local area. It helps different men and women from Thailand to meet up, socialize and eventually date.

This is a dating site for people from/in Africa. It gives people the opportunity to hook up. It gives men the chance to meet a beautiful woman from Africa. Apart from that it also offers relationship advice for spouses.

Those with HIV will know how hard it is to get partner. There are so many stigmas associated with the disease even in modern day. This site offers people with HIV the chance to meet people who understand them and who will offer them love and support.

  • Dating

      If you are sick of being alone and single, then this is the site for you. This site is designed for the housewives out there.  It promises the women to find people who match their profile with the same, activities, hobbies and interests.

  • Black Dating

This is a site for those looking for an interracial relationship. It boasts of including open ended questions about your interest plus an off the wall question in your dating profile. This helps the person contacting you break the ice and have something to say during the introduction.

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