With the rise in popularity in using dating apps and websites to meet potential future significant others, people have more options at any given time now than ever before. While sometimes you chat with someone on a site and never get to a point of meeting that person, a lot of the members you come across on these sites will want to exchange information and get to the actual date to see how you two click.

Most of the time, the suggestion for a first date will be something fast, like coffee or a drink or two at a bar. Longer, more involved dates like dinner at a restaurant are typically saved for the second outing once you two have decided that you like each other. However, there are some inherent risks in consuming alcohol around a virtual stranger. While you shouldn’t refrain from enjoying an alcoholic beverage on a date if that’s what you want to do, make sure that you’re safe. Follow these tips and advice.

First of all, limit how much alcohol that you consume. While you may toss back three drinks or more with your friends, you trust in them to get you safely home. You can’t necessarily expect the same of your date, at least not the first time that you go out. Therefore, to stay lucid and aware of what’s going on around you at all times, limit yourself to just one beverage. This could be a beer or cocktail, but don’t have more than one.

Besides allowing you to keep all of your senses armed and at the ready, not getting drunk also prevents you from hopping into bed with your date way too soon. While some people have no problems at all with sex on the first date, if you want a long-term relationship, sleeping together right away isn’t really the best foundation on which to build such a bond. Without a cloud of alcohol, you can decide when and if you want to have sex.

Also, don’t leave your drink unattended at any point during the night. If you’re at a bar and you need to go to the bathroom, finish your drink or bring it with you if you can. Just don’t abandon it. While you want to trust your date and think the best of them, you never know if they could try to drug your beverage. Even if your date doesn’t, someone else may try.

Let a trusted friend or family member know where you’ll be. If you feel like even one drink hit you too hard, you can contact them to get a ride home. Also, if your date has drunk all night and seems too inebriated to get home or begins making unwanted advances at you, you’ll have a way out. Never let anyone drive drunk though. 


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