If you are a single mom with a full-time career, then you are obviously aware of how impossible managing every aspect of your life can be. You may have considered dating but figured it would be beyond impossible to add dating to your already hectic lifestyle. However, if you play your cards right, you can work, care for your children and date without feeling as though you’re stressing yourself out. Here are some tips for increasing your dating success if you’re a busy working mom:

Designate certain days of the week for dates

Whether you’re dating just for fun or you’re dating men you don’t know very well, you definitely don’t want to bring them around your children in the beginning. This is why you will need to coordinate your plans so that your dates never come into contact with your children. Choose a day when your children can spend time with their babysitter or a relative so you can focus on dating. If one or two days a month is all you have available for dating, then you will have to plan those days in advance and make the most of them.

Utilize your lunch hour

On the days when you don’t need to spend your lunch hour running errands, there is no better time for meeting an interesting guy for a lunch date. There is no pressure to dress a certain way, as you will be wearing work attire, you can enjoy a nice meal together and hopefully have a great time. A lunch date can also help you to determine if you like a guy enough to go out with him again in the future.

Combine kid-time & date-time

If you’re dating a guy who you know well enough to introduce to your children, then you can invite your guy and his kids (if he has any) to weekend events with you and your children. Perhaps your six-year-old has Little League practice on Saturdays and you would really like to spend time with your man. Invite him to attend the practice with you. Even if he doesn’t have children of his own, he’s bound to accept since it will be a chance to spend time with you while getting to know your kids, as well.

So are you can see, it is possible to manage a full-time career, care for your children and make time for dating. As long as you plan strategically, you can carve out enough time to work, spend quality time with your children and date. Once you have met the man who you desire to spend the rest of your life with, you can then begin making plans to spend time with your man and your children simultaneously, which will make things significantly easier.

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