The days of Marilyn Monroe purring at men on the silver screen are over. What makes a woman a “10” is now different than in the past. Contemporary men should realize that looks are not everything.

Women have a lot more to offer than physical appearances and men should expect more from them. So, for the man who is still wondering exactly what makes a woman a top-shelf 10, or dime, as they say in the clubs, here are five important characteristics.

5. She has a respectable profession.

It is not necessary for a woman to have a high-paying job. What you should look for is one who has a decent career. A salary that can cover her expenses is all that is necessary.

There is little reason for anyone, man or woman, to be totally dependent on another to pay their bills. A “dime” will have her finances in order so that she brings more to the table than just a pretty face.

4. She does not have kids with lots of different men.

Sadly, there are many women who have multiple babies with different fathers. The problem for the new guy is that he has to contend with a bunch of men with claim to the kids and the woman. Eventually, you will find that she is always communicating with these former lovers. The competition for her time is not worth it.

“Dimes” are often too busy developing successful careers to have lots of kids.

3. She has a good education.

A high-quality woman has an education. This doesn’t mean she has attended Harvard. No, there are high school graduates who are in the “10” category.

These women have the ability to speak coherently and comprehend what others say to them. They are the ones whom you can take out to a fancy restaurant and not have them embarrass you. They are the types who have interest beyond watching the latest episode of a reality show about housewives calling each other bad names.

2. She takes care of her health.

Last, a woman deserving of your attention should maintain a healthy lifestyle. No excessive drinking of alcohol, chain smoking cigarettes or overeating fattening foods.

We all have our weaknesses. Yet, we should all attempt to stay in shape, if possible. A man should expect no less of his partner.

1. She believes in being faithful to her partner.

One of the big mistakes guys make is dating a woman who is already committed to another man. Somehow, these men believe that the woman will be faithful to them. Wrong answer, Sherlock!

If she is willing to cheat on him with you, then she will do the same to  you down the line. In contrast, a “10” is confident enough to inform a man that she wants to break up. Then, and only then, does she get involved with another guy.


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