Meeting a new guy is exciting.  As you spend more time together, you get to know more about him.  Remember the old cliche, “If something seems too good to be true, it probably is”, and if it rings true with him, be very careful.  Most women assume if things work out  they may eventually get married, with the emphasis on “eventually”.   When getting married doesn’t include that word, be on the lookout for trouble.  If he is pressuring you to marry after only a few weeks or months, there may be underlying reasons, most of which are not good.

10.  He is a deadbeat dad who can’t afford child support, so he is hoping when you marry, that you will help him out.  Really?  This isn’t love for you, it’s love for himself and how to get out of a jam. 

9.  He lives with his mother and is hoping with your income and his, he can finally move into a place of his own. 

8.  He drives a fifteen year old car that is about to fall apart and he is always admiring your new car.  Don’t be surprised if he asks to borrow it soon.  This is his way to get access to your vehicle.

7.  He only has a part-time job because he says working all day hurts his back.  Just be careful that his part-time job doesn’t start to empty your own wallet.  He wants to get married to have access to your money.

6.  He calls and says he’s not feeling well so he asks if you will pick up his child from daycare.  Don’t give in to this one, you’re not his paid babysitter.  The child already has a mom and you’re not her.

5.  He calls to say he’s sick but doesn’t have the money to go to the doctor.  If you take him there, it’s another way for him to get to your wallet.

4.  He asks you to pick up some groceries.  Again, he tries to get you to pay for everything.

3.  He asks for help with a gift for his mom.  Be firm, you are not his personal shopper, nor is it your job to constantly pay for things.

2.  He asks you to cook for him because his mom isn’t home and he is hungry.  If he can convince you of this one, you are really digging a hole for yourself.

1.  Getting married is great, but don’t be a wife who is his meal ticket.

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