There a few things to be learnt about dating in Brazil be it online dating or casual dating. Most of the aspects of dating in Brazil are more than just the general dating showcased in other parts of the world.

First and foremost Brazilians are a jealous breed when it comes to dating or clingy to say. Once the dating begins the patners tend to be clingy to each other meaning that most of the hours will be spent together. In Brazil, if one goes out without their boyfriend or girlfriend, it tends to send a message to other people that they are single. Being together thus prevents others from hitting on your partner.

Brazilians tend to be very into the Facebook relationships. It seems that everyone is in a Facebook relationship if they are in a relationship with someone.

Many people start dating to become boyfriend-girlfriend in a very short time and this happens too frequently .It happens that in brazil everyone is in immediate need to be in a relationship.

Brazilian ladies expect to date a guy who lives with his parents since most of the single male population still lives with their parents. This is part of Brazilian culture and so it is normal in Brazil to date a guy still living under the same roof with his parents.

Dates in Brazil tend to be more of a last minute thing; Brazilians cannot seem to plan dates in advance. Most guys who set up dates don’t follow through and the ladies have also got familiar with this habit and so it doesn’t hit them as a surprise as it would be in other countries.

Brazilian men are very aggressive and forward when it comes to dating. They come out as touchy in the first dates and bursting with confidence. And not all Brazilian women like such aggressiveness and so this dating trait does not come off as appealing to all parties.

If you are dating in Brazil, familiarity within involved families happens too quickly. Families are close and involved and shortly after starting to date someone, you will meet that person’s family. Its no secret that family ties in Brazil is super strong. So when dating, both parties will get to know the families and spend a lot of time with them.

To understand Brazilian dating, Brazilian women have to be considered. They tend to be very feminine with long hair and a simple dressing style.

Most ladies in Brazil tend to date older guys, perhaps seen as financially stable or less likely to be dogs. Dating involves men being much more forward and confident while approaching women, it happens so fast with men showering ladies with compliments, telling her how beautifully she is throughout the dating experience,

The uptown areas experience a large number of dating couples due to the massive population in these places, increasing the chances of meeting with new possible patners or new people to date.


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