In the days leading up to your wedding, it may seem impossible not to get more than a little frantic as the big day approaches, but when your wedding finally arrives, you should at least have the opportunity to simply enjoy that day with your other half. With all of the planning and headaches that come in those days leading up to your wedding, it may seem impossible that you can enjoy a carefree wedding day, but you can certainly come close with these tips:

1. Plan Ahead

Plan as much as you can ahead of time and make arrangements with your vendors, friends and family to try to keep things running on a smooth schedule. If you are certain that your centerpieces are done or your hair appointment is scheduled or the limo driver is slated for a specific time, you can breathe a little easier.

2. Pick Reliable People

Whether you are counting on friends or professionals, pick those you know to be reliable. It is possible that you may pay for that reliability (a caterer or DJ with a history of good events and professional behavior will probably charge more than a new start-up), but you will be grateful if it means you aren’t worried about food that isn’t there, a sound system that isn’t working, or the tents that aren’t ready.

3. Budget Yourself

You want to enjoy your wedding, but you don’t want to know that the bills for your day will be looming overhead after you and your new spouse walk down the aisle. Rather than worrying how you will pay for your nuptials or if you will receive enough gifts from friends to make up the difference, do your best during your planning to stay within an affordable budget.

4. Assign a Problem Solver

Someone in your family or among your friends is probably a natural-born leader and problem-solver. Find one of these people who will be willing to take on the task of running interference for you. If a problem crops up on the day of your wedding, make sure that everyone knows that your friend or family member is the person to turn to in these times of event crisis. It is probably best not to choose your parents or a member of the wedding party, as they will have their own concerns during your wedding, but make sure to give this special person a nod in your wedding bulletin or program and a thank-you gift for their help at the end of the event.

5. Perfection is Rare if not Impossible

The most important part of staying sane during your wedding is accepting that you will not have a perfect wedding. Something is bound to go wrong; maybe the weather won’t cooperate or traffic will delay the band’s arrival or someone miscounted the number of meals needed at the reception. Imperfections happen as a part of reality, and accepting that means you won’t be too disappointed if your otherwise wonderful day is a little less fantasy and a little more reality.


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