How To Date Beautiful Blonde Women

            There are a few different ways to get a woman to notice you. Each of these ways will get you attention, but will they get you the attention of the women you want? Blondes are highly desirable and as such it is helpful to know a few tricks when it comes to catching they eye of that blonde beauty that you have been thinking of. Here are five tips for dating blonde women.

  1. Confidence- though this is key to dating any women, it is especially important when it comes to dating blondes. As a rule blondes are highly desirable and they can have just about anyone they want, that being said, being confident without being cocky is the best way to start to grab their attention. Take the time to really get your confidence up and get ready to talk to the girl of your dreams.
  2. Sense of Humor- your sense of humor can make or break a situation. You should not go in cracking nothing but jokes non stop, but it is always nice to have a joke or two handy so you can make her laugh. If you know a little bit about her you can tailor your jokes to her preferences to make her laugh especially hard. A good joke and a sense of humor can go a long way in any situation.
  3. Keep it Together- any and all women like a man that is well kept and that looks like he actually tried when he walked out the door. That means make sure your outfit is on point and that you look like a presentable man rather than someone that just wandered in off the street. Your appearance is often what gets your foot in the door while your personality is what seals the deal and makes her want to see more of you.
  4. Know What You Want- do not go in half cocked with no real plan for what to do next. If you want to ask her to have drinks, ask her, if you want to go on a date, have a plan in place. Know what you are expecting of the relationship before it ever even really becomes one so that you can help guide the conversation and let her know that you are competent and you know what you want.
  5. Carry Through- no one hates a quitter more than a woman. If you want to talk ot a woman there is nothing sexier than a man that carries through with his ideas, conversations and everything else. It is ok to be a bit shy and reserved but once you commit you should carry through to the end.

Dating beautiful women does not have to be difficult, with the right information and the right confidence anyone can date a beautiful blonde without having to worry all that much. You can have the girl of your dreams if you just know how to present yourself and your personality.

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