Going on a first date is exciting, yet overwhelming, especially if you are struggling for ideas on what to do on your date. A first date is the opportunity to make a good impression on the person you like. Although the traditional dinner and a movie is an okay date, you can do better than that.

This date is about testing the water, finding out if you are compatible and have similar views; being in a dark theater makes it difficult to talk and get to know each other. Here are five fun and unique dates that will give you an opportunity to have fun and get to know each other.

5. Go on a picnic. Planning a quiet picnic in the park, at the beach or at a public garden is the perfect opportunity to talk and learn more about each other. To really make the picnic special, take the time to find out what your dates favorite foods are and try to make the picnic lunch yourself. After eating, consider taking a walk or going for a boat ride to give you an opportunity to have an extended conversation.
4. Local entertainment. Planning a fun, simple and inexpensive date, such as going on a ghost walk or historic tour is a great way to be entertained as well as have interesting things to talk about. If your date is from out of town, this is also a great way to introduce them to your city.

3. Take a class together. Almost every town offers some type of classes, such as pottery class, wine tasting, art lesson, cooking less or even dancing lessons. Learning something new together will give you a common bond and it can be fun.

2. Adventurous dates. If you want to do something adventurous, without choosing something that is dangerous or that your date may refuse to do, consider going ice skating, roller skating or rock climbing at an indoor adventure park. This type of date will allow you to test the adventure level of your date and give you something to talk about afterwards.

1. Go to a fair, carnival, theme park or zoo. The best way to have a fun and unique date is to bring the inner child out in yourself and your date. Playing carnival games, winning stuffed animals, eating cotton candy and riding a roller coaster are all fun ways to create conversation and have a memorable fun date.

It is important to be respectful of your date by being on time, dress appropriately for the date and although it is best to make your plans a surprise, if your date is uncomfortable, suggest another event or politely end the date.


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