Excitement in Calgary is never ending. The activities, atmosphere and lifestyle is a compelling adventure for residents, visitors and out of country tourists. The vibrant city of Calgary, Canada is settled on the foothills belonging to the Canadian Rockies.

Moving a bit of dust when skiing down fun slopes is one of the city’s greatest pastimes and attractions. Anyone one can enjoy this opportunity among many more. Below, you will find a few additional options for spending time in pleasant Calgary.

Spruce Meadows

Whether you have the heart of an equestrian or are simply compelled by the logic of a horse’s beauty, strength and speed, then Spruce Meadows is a great option for passing a couple of hours with. Canada’s most prestigious horsing events occur at Spruce Meadows and include eventing categories of show jumping and cross country demonstrations.

Expect to witness the elegance of a well managed and groomed thoroughbred showing a stunning presence of agility and cooperation. The jockeys are world class and have the years of experience needed to put on a great show for all ages and interests to enjoy.

Guests can get a hands on introduction into the world of horsing with stable tours, access to luscious gardens and holiday events like the Spruce Meadow’s Christmas Market. For all days of the year, the grounds are open and admission is roughly $5 CAD for adults as children and senior have entrance for free.

Canada Olympic Park

At Canada Olympic Park, ski enthusiasts can partake in the fresh powders of fun and thrilling slopes. Adult recreational volunteers can join in ski lessons for downhill and cross-country styles with their children or by themselves. The large sports complex is deemed a tribute to the 1988 Winter Olympic Games. It is still utilized for professional training with access today.

For the real excitement seekers, participants can also give bob-sleighing and the luge a try. There are many memories sure to come form it. During a more relax moment of your trip to Canada Olympic Park, visitors have a chance to observe the Olympic Hall of Fame and Museum.

The public facilities of Canada Olympic Park is open from Monday through Friday, starting daily at 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Weekend admission begins at 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. when the facility is closed. You can expect to pay roughly $41 CAD and access to the world class museum will be $7 CAD tops.

The Canadian Dream

No matter what your personal interests and experiences are, Canada has a vibrant community along its landscape that welcomes all visitors. Canada is also highly loved by its people who too partake in great activities that make this country unique. You can receive more updates on things to do here with this blog, so be sure stop by again.

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