The world of online dating has undergone an expansion unlike no other.  Online dating is an easy, more convenient way for men and women to meet people who share some of the same interests and maybe take their friendship a step further.  Here are 10 online safety dating tips that women should acknowledge.

10. Don’t be Ashamed to be Careful

There is nothing wrong with being careful.  A lot of women are ashamed or embarrassed about the precautions they take when they are dating online.  Remember that decent men will not mind you taking precautions and they will try their best to understand.

9. Give Your Loved Ones Peace of Mind

Peace of mind is important when you decide to meet someone of interest in person from a dating site.  Allow your friends or relatives to call you at least once during the date to ensure that you are okay.  You may want to create a code word just in case you need to bail out of the situation.

8. Make Friends and Family Aware

Whether you’re a private person or not, you need to let at least one person know where you are going and who you are going to meet.  Since you met them on an online dating site, give your friends or relatives access to their page so they can have an idea of the person you are meeting.

7. Don’t Give Personal Information

Whether you get a good vibe, feeling, or whatever you would like to call it, from the other person, this is not an open invitation to give your personal information, especially on the first date.  Get to know the person you take interest in before you let them into your personal world.  You can never judge the intensions of others, so it’s your best bet to be on the safe side.

6. Never Leave Your Personal Items Unattended

One of the worst things you can do on a date is leave items, such as your cell phone, purse or drink unattended.  You should never underestimate anyone, especially when it comes to digital romance.  Don’t leave yourself open to regret something later.

5. Stranger Danger

Regardless of how comfortable you may feel with the person you are meeting, keep in mind that this person is a stranger and you never know if their true intentions are what they say.  Don’t give yourself a false sense of security.

4. Don’t Jeopardize Your Safety

One of the most common ways women jeopardize their safety is by getting comfortable with a person too quick and trusting them in an unreasonable amount of time.  Take the time to get to know the person instead of forcing yourself to like the person.  Don’t tell them anything personal about you for a while.

3. Get the Facts

Facts about the other person are important.  Get every detail you can about the other person before you meet.  Anyone can give you a name, phone number or address, but it’s up to you to ensure the information you are given is valid.

2. Take Things Slow

Online dating can be exciting and fun, but don’t rush into anything.  Although things may be going extremely well, and the two of you are hitting it off, don’t force yourself or your thoughts and ideas onto the other person.  Enjoy the moment.

1. Trust Your Instincts

Rule number one of online dating is trusting your instincts.  Although instincts and your intuition will protect you from the person if they happen to be a predator, your intuition and instincts can help you get out of bad situation before everything goes south.


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