London is more than just a vast urban sprawl: It’s an exciting and eclectic place filled with rich history and unique opportunities for every type of person. Why shouldn’t your London dating experience be just as fun and special? Here are some fantastic tips for great dates in the capital.

Get Out And Explore

Not to say that the old “dinner and a movie” date isn’t a classic, but with all of the amazing sights and locales dotting the city it’s more fun to shake it up a bit! Try a new type of cuisine with your date, or check out a new music venue. Even a simple walking tour of an attraction you’ve seldom been to can be fun. (Unique dates are often the best remembered.)

Just Don’t Stay Out Too Late

Late night partying is great for casual flings, but if you want a lasting romance it’s probably best not to stay out too late. Bars and clubs get even more rowdy as the night wears on. It’s not the best environment for getting to know your date personally. Duck out a little earlier and go someplace a little more intimate (and quiet) if you really want to get a love connection going.

Preplan Your Travel If You Need To

Awkward as it may be, it will be even more awkward if you’re lingering around the train station or bus stop trying to decide what the next step is. Do you part ways? Go home together? Escort one of you home then go home yourself? Many people are dependent on public transport options in the metro, so don’t be shy to ask what the plan will be if the date goes smoothly.

Consider Online Dating

If these tips sound a bit overwhelming, or you just don’t have the right kind of date, online sites can give you a good starting point. Making an online connection is more casual, allowing you to set the pace for your dating life. , which cater to virtually every type of romantic venture. 

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