When You Are Finding A Date For Your Gay Friend, Focus On Finding Someone With Compatible Interests and Background.

It is important to find a match for your friend who will easily share his interests and values. It is helpful if their philosophies about occupations and spending money are similar to prevent awkward situations. If your friend is a lawyer, try to stay away from a guy who disdains lawyers or is into lawyer-bashing as a general topic of conversation. Don’t Get Into Following Stereotypes of Who You Think He Should or Shouldn’t Date Just pick a date for your friend who is comfortable to be with. You don’t have to pick the “gayest” guy you know. Rather, pick someone who will fit in with your friend’s temperament and interests. If you know that personality and habits are more important than looks to your friend,then choose the date accordingly. If your friend would rather be seen with a hottie, then, by all means go for the looks!

Understand Your Friend’s Philosophy About Dating and its Role in His Social and Emotional Life

If the dating scene is your friend’s way of getting out and having fun, honor that. Don’t set him up with someone whom you intend to be the love of his life. If that turns out to be the case, celebrate. Otherwise, realize that these matchmaking experiences fail to produce lasting love at least 90% of the time. Watch how much your own feelings are invested in this opportunity, and be able to extricate yourself from the middle of it before YOU get hurt.

Be Sensitive About the Types of Men He Is Comfortable With

Different types of dates will appeal to your friend depending on how comfortable he is with his own sexuality. If he is open about it and doesn’t mind appearing “gay” to the world, it will be easier to set him up with a date. if he is sensitive about that perception being obvious, that may affect the type of date he is comfortable with. Pairing him with an overly flamboyant gay man might actually offend him and turn him off to the idea of arranged dates. Be sure you know him well enough to pin-point his reactions before introducing him to another guy.

Take Into Account His Preferred Style of Entertainment

Be sure that you are aware of the type of event that he will be comfortable with. This goes back to knowing your friend well enough not to send him to the theater with a stranger when he’d be happier with dinner at a fern bar or a game of bowling. Really try to focus on what type of social evet your friend will enjoy even if the dating chemistry is absent. If the guys are able to connect on a friendship level absent a promising social atmosphere or other bases of compatibility, the date will be a “success” regardless of the rest of the details. If the guys find that they enjoy each other’s company, then you have been successful at setting up your gay friend with a date. The rest is up to them.

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