Ten tips on how to prepare for a beach date – and what happens if you don’t…

When we are young, it seems all we need is a bathing suit & towel, a bottle of water, sunglasses, and sunscreen, and bam! We are packed for the beach! As we get a little older, we take a folding chair and umbrella, a cooler weighted down with ice and beverages. Later, we’ll add a portable playpen, diapers, formula, and sandwiches. Oh, yes, it can get worse.

For now, there is a middle ground, planning a romantic date. No matter how spontaneous you’d like to be, planning a beach date takes a bit of finesse’ to go well.

10) Remember to pack wet wipes. Especially if there will be food involved, sand gets in places, wipes will be appreciated. If the wind kicks up the sand, romance could be lost – break out the wet wipes and begin again. No one would enjoy being fed finger foods from sandy fingers!

9) Your date may not need a swimsuit. If you’re planning a night-time or winter-time beach date, it’s probably too cold for a swim. If you scheduled your beach date on a hot summer day, the only way to make it a surprise is to somehow get a friend or relative to help you pack a beach bag for him, or her. Be sure to have sunscreen, light clothing, a towel and sandals, in addition to a swimsuit that fits well.

8) Night-time beach dates are romantic. You must remember a flashlight that works, so you can find your way to the beach or back to the car afterward. There is nothing romantic about stumbling around in the dark, trying to get back to the car.

7) Impress your date with a few extra touches. Planning ahead goes a long way when you think through your planned activities on the beach. Taking along a glow-in-the-dark Frisbee or volleyball, setting up a playlist of romantic music suitable for a beach date, or bringing along an extra sweatshirt in case your date forgets one can help make the date a success.

6) Match your activities to your date’s interests. Just because you like torough it with an old towel and a book, doesn’t mean it’s appropriate for a date. Perhaps your date would be impressed to spend the date with the nearby the comfort and convenience of your RV or a camper, or just a pop-up cabana for shade.

5) Planning a night-time beach date requires different stuff. Take a thicker blanket to sit on in case of dampness, a few candles for after the sun has set, some beverages and finger foods, or even a picnic basket of your date’s favorite foods.

4) If you are both athletic, it might be time to bring some toys. Double jet skis, a canoe, boogie boards, or bicycles can keep you busy while getting to know each other.

3) Planning a Sunrise date. Two ways to work this one, stay up all night to see the sunrise – or, get up early, planning the time just right to watch the sunrise on the beach. Bring glasses and champagne with orange juice, paired with fresh fruit and croissants for breakfast.

2) Plan a double-date. Including a couple who gets along well together, that you think your date would enjoy is the perfect addition to your plans. Just be sure the couple you choose will add fun to the occasion.

1) Timely Romance Choose Wisely. If you and your date are just getting to know each other, be very careful not to rush things being too romantic too soon. The beach setting should be comfy without too much pressure or expectations. Keep first dates more simple and relaxed.

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