Congratulations on the decision to join online dating; it is the second favorite way for people to meet in the world.  Fantastic choice, but here are three words of advice to keep in mind.


Don’t stress on the particulars, the details. When getting to know someone, is it really so important that your potential mate like all the same movies and eat at the same restaurants? Instead, look at the bigger picture, for instance, do you live in the same city, where do they like to spend their free time? Outside, hiking, biking or traveling? Or, would they rather spend time cuddled up at home making brunch that last all day? You are much more likely to find an enjoyable mate when you don’t sweat the small stuff. Besides, getting to know the differences in someone makes your dates interesting.

No Projecting

It is smart to get to know perspective dates by chatting online first. This is a safe way to meet someone. The next step would typically be phone conversations where you get more of an idea as to who this person really is. Always use first names until the first date, and then you can disclose your last name.

Somewhere in this process, you might have the urge to project a magical relationship that isn’t there yet. Hold back on no matter how tired you are of reading profiles and chatting online with perspectives.

A Word on Cyber Safety

With so many advanced technical devices today, it is smart to be somewhat cautious about cyber issues. Here are several tips to keep you secure.

  • Use a post office box instead of your home address for anything concerning your online dating. They are inexpensive for six months.
  • Create a separate email box for your dating emails.
  • Add a privacy checker to your computer. This will allow you to set privacy standards for your dating emails and for the actual online dating company you are using. Privacy checkers are free and can be easily downloaded.


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