There are hundreds of tips of advice as to how to date, when to date, and what to do when you’re on a date. Rarely, however, do you hear about how to date the person who doesn’t fit your mold of expectations. It’s easy to build up an ideal man or woman in our minds, the person we envision ourselves with for the rest of our lives. Envisioning your future partner is certainly a good exercise, but it may limit your dating radar.

When dating beyond your comfort zone, your views will be challenged, and your routine may be interrupted. Instead of viewing this as an inconvenience, change your perspective and be grateful for the value it brings.

Recognize dating patterns…and break them

We often wonder why we keep dating the same duds. They have the same flaws, the same stories, and the same excuses. They also have some dynamic, attractive qualities that still spark your interest. Nevertheless, the law of attraction, which is both a physics term and a philosophy term, states that we draw close different kinds of energy based on what we think. If you stubbornly see yourself with the same kind of man or woman, perhaps these are the partners you narrowly focus on and seek out. This even applies to somebody’s flaws – if you’re harping on your own flaws all the time, as well as another person’s flaws, chances are those flaws will be recurring and will feel like a perpetual pattern.

2. Date someone with a different ethnic background

According to social statistics, many people are unwilling to date outside of their ethnic group. Although there are many reasons for this that combine history and psychology studies, people typically have preconceived notions on people with different ethic backgrounds. These stereotypes often have to do with someone’s behavior, cultural traditions, and media portrayal. Oftentimes, people simply feel that a person who does not share their ethnic or racial background simply won’t understand where they’re coming from. This significantly limits your dating world.

3. Date somebody with a different profession

In the working world, it makes sense that you might date someone in your industry. After all, if you’re working full-time, you’re around the same kinds of people with like-minded interests, work schedules, and career goals. Everybody knows that dating someone you work is risky. Even dating someone who has the same job as you makes the relationship feel like a competition. Dating someone who has a completely different job than you, a job that you’ve never even heard of, will open your eyes.

4. Date somebody with different religious beliefs

Dating someone with different religious beliefs may not work for everyone. For some, similar religious beliefs are the core of their relationship and family traditions. For others, their religious beliefs are independent and may not be affected by the person they are dating. Learning about another person’s beliefs and religious customs can be an exciting, value-driven experience that allows you to explore history, culture, and philosophy. It will bring about deep conversations, and you may feel more centered as a result.


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