3. Explore Role Playing

One way an individual can remain good in bed is by exploring the world of role playing.  Role playing opens a world where individuals can dress up and be whoever they want to be.  For some people, role playing is a way to escape the daily stress of life.  Role playing is not for everyone, but people should try it at least once.  It’s difficult to tell if you like or dislike something if the situation is never given a chance.  Role playing does not have to involve one or two things.  Role playing can involve anything the involved parties prefer.  Some couples meet at a bar or restaurant and pretend they do not know each other.  It may seem silly to some people, but this is one great way to spice things up and make it great in the bedroom.

2. Show Your Interest

A lot of people don’t wear their feelings on their sleeve and their emotions on their face.  Some people are naturally nonchalant and can’t help how they react in situations.  If someone is not interested or not in the mood to enjoy any form of sexual activity, it shows loud and clear.  Some people have to put forth more of an effort to show interest in their mate.  For some people, there is no better feeling than knowing that their mate is pleased and satisfied.  Showing interest in another person is one of the best ways to remain good in bed.

1. Keep it Neat and Clean

Nothing is better than an individual who values their hygiene and keeps everything neat and clean.  Some men prefer women who keep their private area neat and trimmed.  Some women prefer men who keep their private area trimmed and well-managed.  Nothing is sexier than someone who cares about their appearance and hygiene.  As far as women are concerned, chemically formulated cleansing products, such as douche and similar products should not be used on private areas.  Soap and water suffice for men and women to aid in keeping their private areas clean.  Neat and clean is the way to be when the goal is to remain good in bed.


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