Bringing out the best in your spouse is a lot easier said than done for some couples.  Being in a relationship can become overwhelming and tedious, but there are things you can do to make the relationship easier to deal.  Here are three tips that will help bring out the best in your spouse.

3. Compliments Go a Long Way
When you compliment your spouse, you can make their day and keep them smiling the entire day.  Whether you compliment their hair, clothing, shoes, jewelry, smile or anything else you can think of, it will certainly give them a reason to be happy and pleasant.  There will be times where you may not approve of the clothing they are wearing or the makeup they have on, but there is a way around hurting your spouse’s feelings and causing a disagreement.  Instead of hollering at your spouse and making them feel less than, tell them how much you like how another outfit compliments them or how different colors and shades of makeup compliment their eyes or skin tone.  Men have fragile egos and breaking it is a simple task.  If your spouse is a man, compliment them on their haircut or the new cologne they are wearing.  Complimenting your spouse is one way to bring out the best in them and maintain a happy relationship.

2. Show Love and Affection
Whether your spouse is a male or female, everyone wants and enjoys the feeling of another person loving and cherishing them.  The second way to bring out the best in your spouse is showing them love and affection.  A lot of couples don’t mind showing and spreading their love in public, but when spouses hesitate to showcase their love to on-lookers, some spouses become insecure, and everything goes downhill  from there.  Show your spouse you love them by catering to them now and then.  You can take them out to dinner or to a movie.  A nice, quiet, romantic walk in the park will suffice for bringing out the best in your spouse.

1. Show Your Appreciation
A spouse who appreciates their spouse is one who knows the way to happiness.  When your spouse knows you appreciate them and everything they do for you, it is one of the best feelings in the world.  It’s the little things that count in a relationship.  A spouse who can get over difficult times and still show their spouse they appreciate them is a spouse worth keeping.  Spouses can become distant due to many contributing factors, but those who take the time to show appreciation and gratitude from time to time will have a long-lasting, healthy relationship.


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