Try Something New

Although it is traditional to enjoy a meal for a date, it is also a common date idea. Instead of setting up a date at a restaurant, try something new and exciting. For example, set up a date for scuba diving lessons or take another class with a date that will prepare for an exciting adventure.

The goal of dating and building up a solid relationship is getting to know the other individual. By trying a new activity, it is possible to learn about the other individual’s interests, preferences and reactions to unexpected situations.

Keep the Date Short

A long date can seem to drag on and it can become very awkward. For a first date, opt for something that will be short and sweet. Try to keep the date within 45 minutes to one hour.

By keeping the date short and sweet, it will reduce the chances of awkward moments and it will help if one of the individuals is not enjoying the date. It also helps limit the investment that is put into the date so that it is affordable without seeming cheap. If both parties are interested in continuing the date, then the short duration is a simple way to encourage a second or third date.

Opt for a Comfortable Setting

A date that takes place in a comfortable setting can provide the perfect atmosphere for both parties to get involved and intimate. Take a date to a comfortable and intimate cafe for a cup of coffee or enjoy a shopping date in the lady’s favorite boutique.

Going on a date does not mean it must be expensive or uncomfortable. Avoid the uncomfortable silences with an environment that encourages both parties to relax. The best location for a date that is comfortable will depend on personal interests and the preferences of the other party, but it can include unexpected locations like a library, sports club or even an intimate cafe.


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