Stay Honest Throughout the Relationship

Nothing kills a budding relationship faster than being dishonest. The person you are dating will quickly suspect you are up to something if they catch you in a lie, even if it’s a small one. To instill trust in the relationship, stay honest with the other person. Don’t cheat with someone else, lie, or cover up your actions if you’ve been caught doing something you shouldn’t be. There is nothing worse to most people than being cheated on or lied to. If you want the relationship to work you, have to stay honest with the other person.

Be Clear About Your Expectations

As you are dating, let the other person know about your expectations for the relationship. While you don’t have to talk about marriage on the first date, it’s important to let the other person know what your goals are over the long term. If you are dating for some casual fun, be clear about this. If you are looking for life partner to have children with, make your expectations known once you feel comfortable. Many relationships are ruined when both people aren’t expecting the same thing out of the relationship.

Communicate When You are Hurt, Angry or Upset

Instead of bottling up your emotions inside, communicate with the person you are dating when you are hurt, angry, or upset by their actions. If the relationship is new, the other person probably has no idea what they did to make you upset. Stop trying to make them guess, and communicate why you are upset. The foundations of a good relationship begin with good communication skills and you can set the stage early by talking out your frustrations. A simple misunderstanding can be quickly fixed by talking about the problem instead of letting it fester and grow larger.


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