Everyone enjoys a romantic vacation with the one they love. Here are 8 of the best LGBT-friendly vacation spots for lovers:

8. Maui, Hawaii

If you’re looking for the sun-soaked beach paradise with a more intimate vibe, check out Maui. Renowned as a more mellow romantic destination than more crowded islands like Oahu, Maui is the perfect getaway for beachphiles.

7. Berlin, Germany

For art-loving couples, Berlin is a great choice for a dreamy Euro-adventure. Progressive as ever, Berlin is home to highly-celebrated art collections that seem to transcend the typical pretentiousness of their kin. Not so much into art? Berlin is also known for its hot nighclubs and bars. (It’s Germany, after all.)

6. Eugene, Oregon

Oregon is already known for its decidedly liberal progressive communities, and Eugene is possibly the most radical city of them all. A haven for non-binary activism, it has become known as a safe destination for trans couples to share some much needed TLC. The great wilderness views and quaint lodging options don’t hurt either.

5. Ithaca, New York

Sure, New York City is infamous for its passionate LGBT communities, but a large bustling city hardly evokes the image of a quiet getaway for two. In comes Ithaca, an upstate college town that was recently voted one of the top places for gay living. Relax by one of the regions many lakes and soak in the unique eco-friendly atmosphere.

4. Whistler, British Colombia

If a winter wonderland is what you’re looking for, Whistler Pride should be your destination of choice. Features of this destination include loads of winter sports resorts, delicious cuisine, and cozy bars. A word of caution though, Whistler outside of Pride Days is a lot more straight-leaning, but still quite friendly.

3. Wellington, New Zealand

Want to stay in a gay-friendly metropolis that doesn’t restrict LGBT activities to a single neighborhood? Wellington is well-known for its progressive culture across the city. Whether you want some naughty thrills at the local nightclubs, or a quiet romantic night alone, Wellington is happy to offer just about anything couples desire.

2. Athens, Greece

This history-soaked metro has seen a recent explosion of gay ethos, particularly in the Gazi district. It’s the perfect vacation spot for those seeking a sunny Mediterranean holiday with a lot of culture to explore. While the shopping may not be as spectacular as other destinations on this list, Athens more than makes up for it with a friendly, optimistic disposition.

1. Copenhagen, Denmark

As home to the world’s first legally-recognized gay marriages and adoptions, Denmark already has a reputation as one of the most progressive nations in the world. This could make the capitol city of Copenhagen one of the best LGBT-friendly vacation spots alone. Luckily, the city’s comfy, inviting atmosphere makes it the perfect setting for romance. Between classic to modern hotel options and the best food in Scandinavia (by vote, no less), Copenhagen really is a city for lovers.


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