Christmas can get really busy and hectic, but you must make sure that you take time to show your significant other just how special they are. It is easy to lose sight of what is really important when you are rushing around trying to get things done. Your partner deserves some special love and attention at the holidays, though. It will mean more to them than any gift you could ever buy. Even if you are super busy in the days or weeks leading up to Christmas, you can take Christmas Eve and slow down for some important one on one time with your love. Here are a few ways you can make Christmas Eve special and romantic.

5. Stop Everything

Even if you feel like you are still not completely done with everything you had on your list, make an agreement with your partner, that at a certain time on Christmas Eve, you will drop everything, put on your favorite Christmas movie and snuggle up with the one you love. Your partner will appreciate your willingness to drop everything to spend this special time with just them.

4. Create a Mistletoe Mystery

Send your loved one in a mistletoe mystery. Set up love notes through out your house tied to mistletoe. On each note tell your sweetie another reason you love them and then give them a clue as to where to find the next note. Use several notes to lead them to the bedroom where you are waiting for them under the mistletoe.

3. Enjoy The Lights

Sometimes as adults we forget the fun and magic of Christmas lights. Riding around together sipping hot chocolate and looking and the beautifully decorated houses is a great way to spend a Christmas Eve together. Be sure to turn off your cell phone so that the two of you can really connect without interruptions. If you have a local spot where you can walk around and look at lights this is even better. Wrap up warm, hold hands and enjoy the holiday.

2. Last Minute Wrapping and Unwrapping

If you simply must wrap a few last presents on Christmas Eve, then make it a wrapping date. Ask your love to help you wrap a few last present while you sip egg nog and listen to holiday music together. If they need convincing, make sure to sweeten the deal with some “unwrapping” afterward.

1. Gifts in Bed

If your Christmas Eve has gone really well, and you find yourself in bed before St. Nick arrives, you might find that this is the perfect time to give your loved one their Christmas gift. If you have picked out one really special gift, giving it to them while the two of you are snuggled in bed together will make it extra special.


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