Moving in together is a huge step that occurs when two people feel comfortable enough to advance their relationship. Cohabitation can advance to marriage, or it can end in a heartbreaking separation. Therefore, the male and the female will want to be 100 percent sure that they are compatible before taking the leap. The following are some points that a couple should consider before moving in with each other:


A couple should discuss financial responsibilities before the parties decide to move in with each other. They will want to decide how they will split the bills. One person may be responsible for rent, and the other person may be responsible for the small bills such as the electric, phone and cable bills. Alternatively, the couple could split the bills down the middle. Additionally, they will want to talk about whether they will have a joint bank account or separate bank accounts. They should construct a concrete plan of how the finances will work before they unite under the same roof.

The lease is another issue that may come up under finances. The couple will need to decide whether they want to have one leaseholder or if they want to have a joint lease. A situation in which one person’s name is on the lease requires a large amount of trust.

Sleeping Arrangements

Sleeping arrangements is a topic that many couples do not discuss before they move in together. One person may automatically assume that the two people will be sleep in the same bed, but such may not be the case. The male and the female may find that they have different sleeping habits. One person may like to stay up late while the other person may prefer an early bedtime. Sometimes people do not realize these things about each other until after they get an apartment or house together, and they harm the relationship. Discussing the matters beforehand is advised.

Future Plans

Intentions are something that the couple will want to discuss in depth before they move in together. For example, they should tell each other what their goals are as far as marriage and children. Many people do not believe that long-term living arrangements with no intent to marry are acceptable. Finding out after moving in with someone that he or she does not want to take the relationship any further could be a devastating blow.

Personality Conflicts

Finally, a couple will want to spend enough time with each other to notice personality conflicts. The two parties should spend many nights at each other’s separate homes before they jump into the same dwelling together. Dating does not always fully reveal the personality profiles of both individuals. A good practice is for a couple to date and spend full nights with each other for at least six months before joining forces.


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