Meeting someone online is nothing like meeting someone face to face. When in person, you get the opportunity to judge someone based on their real appearance, their facial expressions, and their mannerisms. However, in front of a computer screen all of those small details that clue you in on who a person really is are not present. Therefore, it will be up to you to ask all of the right questions to really get started knowing someone. Here are ten questions you should ask when meeting someone online for the first time.

10. What is there to do where you live?

This is beyond the normal questions of location or resident status, but not so much that it seems intrusive. Besides, if a person is really from where they say, they will be able to tell you a bit about what there is to do in the area.

9. What do you like to do for fun?

You can gain a lot of insight about a person by finding out what their interest and hobbies are. Therefore, this is always a good question to ask.

8. How long has it been since your last long-term relationship?

It is a bit ordinary to ask if a person has ever been married, but this question poses a little more seriousness and will require a bit more thought in a response.

7. Do you have any children?

It may seem like a given that you would want to know if the person you are talking to has kids, but this question can easily be forgotten. It is best to just pose the question directly and look for a direct response.

6. Have you ever found a meaningful relationship online?

There is nothing wrong with a person trying to find love online in all the right places, but there is something wrong with someone who is a serial online dater. This question may give you clues that you are talking to this type of person.

5. If I met you in person, what would I notice first?

This may seem like a playful question, but n seriousness it can give you an idea of the type of person you are talking to. An arrogant person may be quick to offer an answer about their hot body or good looks. Be discerning when you get a response and you may just see something revealed.

4. What is something most people don’t know about you?

Again, this is a question that will generate a leading response to give you insight. An answer that is prideful or boasting can be an indicator of a narcissistic attitude.

3. Do you enjoy your career?

You could always ask where a person works, but why not take it a step further and find out a bit more about how they look at whet it is they do for a living.

2. What would you change about yourself if you could?

This is a good question that can not only give you insight into someone’s personality, but lead to deep and meaningful conversations as well.

1. What is your favorite kind of movie?

It may sound strange, but the type of movies a person likes can say a lot about who they are inside. A hopeless romantic will almost always choose dramatic flicks; while an adventure seeker will be more drawn to horror or thriller movies Just learning the type of movies a person likes to watch can tell you whether or not you can really build a connection based on both of your personalities.


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