Setting up an online profile on a dating site can be daunting, but it is important to make sure you put your best foot forward. Here are the top ten ways to revamp your dating profile today for maximum visibility, and get the attention you want.

10. Have a Catchy Intro

Try to start your profile off with a joke or quote – something to set you apart, you will attract attention.

9. Be Unique

What makes you so special? Make sure to list your interests and don’t be afraid if they aren’t always run of the mill. These can lead to conversation starters down the road.

8. Don’t Overshare

On the flip side, make sure you don’t share your life story in your profile, save something for your date!


7. Keep it Simple

You don’t need to write essay after essay. Share a bit about yourself, what you are looking for, and leave it at that.

6. Don’t be too Serious

Getting too into your tough job or obstacles you have overcome might scare people off. Try to keep an even keel profile that doesn’t depress everyone that visits.

5. Watch Your Spelling

You might be smart, and discuss smart things, but spelling errors are just sloppy and will make it look like you aren’t really trying.

4. Mention What You Like

It’s okay to say a few things that you would like in a date. This will help others know what you are looking for, and if they are honestly a match.

3. Pick a Good Photo

The photo is so important. Have a trusted friend help with your options. If possible, don’t post pictures with members of the opposite sex.

2. Don’t be Over the Top

Don’t try to oversell yourself just to look great. We can’t all be world travelling master chefs that give great backrubs.

1. Just be Yourself

This might sound like advice from your mother, but is the best advice out there. You will never meet your perfect match if they don’t get to see your true self.


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