So you’ve found yourself stuck with a very bad date. Maybe they’re a creep, maybe they’ve been pushing for more physical contact than you’re comfortable with right from the start, or maybe they’re just plain boring. Whatever the issue happens to be, the fact remains: you really don’t want to spend another hour or two with them. There’s nothing wrong with that. Here are five proven escape plans that usually get the job done:

The First Line of Defense

Your first line of defense with most dates should be to simply suggest to them that it doesn’t feel like it’s working out, and maybe you should call it a night before you waste any more of each other’s time. Sometimes they’re as uncomfortable as you are, and they’ll gladly concede. Feel your date out. If they seem to be reasonable enough, then this plan should work without creating any confusion or hurt feelings.

The Emergency

Oops, your phone just vibrated in your pocket, and what’s that? Your mom fell down the stairs and you need to come see her at the hospital ASAP! Well not really, but that’s what your date will think. If they insist on coming along, well, maybe your mom is just really uncomfortable around new people. It’s a good idea to ensure that your date isn’t your ride, as you’ll want to reserve the right to drive yourself home, er uh, we mean, to the hospital, whenever something like this pops up.

The Disappearance

This one might feel a bit mean, but if you’re on a date with someone who just won’t take “I don’t think this is gonna work out” for an answer, there’s nothing wrong with sneaking away. Climb out the bathroom window, get “lost” in a crowd, slip out of the movie theater and catch a bus home under the pretense of grabbing more popcorn. There’s usually an opportunity to sneak away. If you really feel bad about it, you can send them a text telling them that you just had to go because the date wasn’t working out.

The Switch Hitter

Try this one on when they go in for the kiss “Wait a minute I thought we were just hanging out! I thought my friend told you I’m gay! (or straight, if you’re on a same-sex date)”

Have Some Fun

If you don’t feel the need to escape the date, but you know it’s not exactly love at first sight, call a friend who you know is free and get them in on the fun. Whether or not there’s ever a second date, you might have made a new friend, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

These are more or less best-case-scenario escape plans. If you’re dealing with a real creep, be firm with them and consider sticking to public, well-lit areas. There are some real jerks out there, but luckily, for the most part, bad dates are merely disappointing, and easy enough to break out of.

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