Make a Good Impression on a First Date for Men

In the dating arena, the first date is always the most crucial round. You might already know the obvious Do’s, but remembering the Dont’s is also very helpful. Here are a few tips for men to make a good impression on a first date.

First of all, never expect her to pay or take her somewhere that is very expensive. Money is always an awkward matter to deal with. Also, don’t wear too much aftershave and avoid being overly conscious of how you look. You don’t want to be more self-conscious than your date. In addition, don’t grill her with questions and make sure not to be aggressive with your opinions during conversations. Never talk about an ex and obviously, don’t be rude.

There’s no assurance of winning her heart at once in this vital stage. However, if you can recognize the turn off moves, then you can stop your own ship from sinking and at least give your ideal girl a good date. Who knows, you might just advance to the second round if you do well on the first.

Going Through a Recent Breakup

If you just recently ended a romantic relationship, it is only normal to feel all the negative emotions and have confusing thoughts spinning around in your head. Embracing the bitterness only for a certain period of time is actually better than forcefully rejecting it. Pretending you are fine when you are genuinely deeply hurt will only do you more harm than good. Go ahead and eat your comfort food, grab a Kleenex, and receive all the advice and support you can get. While you’re at it, spend more time with your family, date your friends, and love yourself more. It may seem like a long shot, but your struggle will pass. Never succumb to weak feelings and always remember that the darkest hour is always before dawn.

Date the Perfect Guy

We all know that nobody is perfect. However, it was found through new research that a perfect man for a date exists for each woman’s type depending on age and background. Also, the belief that women’s standards on who they date drop later in life was disproved by’s annual LoveGeist report.

It was cited in the research that the perfect dates for women from ages 18-24 are guys who can pass their “friend test”. They want a man they can show off to friends, is in good physical shape, and shares the same taste for music or films. Ambition is a key trait for women in their late twenties and early thirties while women in their forties and above want a date that has financial stability, intelligence, shared values, and humor.

A perfect date certainly lies on a woman’s perspective on relationships and not on fairytales. If you are still on the lookout for your perfect date, don’t despair. A perfect one might just be out there also searching for you.

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