Having a love life is an essential part of living for many people. If your lover is not happy, the chances of you being happy are slim. Here are eight things you need to do to keep your lesbian lover happy.

8. Learn How to Grow Together and Co-Exist

One important aspect of a lesbian relationship is learning how to grow together. No party in a relationship is perfect. You and your lover will always have room for improvement, regardless of how great the relationship is going. You and your spouse house to learn how to be a force together.

7. Let Go of the Green Dragon

The green dragon is a primary killer of many lesbian relationships. There is a time and place for jealousy, and complaining and making smart remarks and comments every other second is not the right way to go. Being jealous will not make your lesbian lover happy, and it will get old quickly.

6. Practice and Maintain Good health

There is nothing sexier than a woman who practices and maintains good hygiene. When you show you care about yourself and your health, you can’t help but feel the same for your lover. Good health and hygiene is always a plus.

5. Make an Effort to Keep in Touch

Your lover may work day while you are scheduled to work nights, and it becomes difficult to spend time. This is an important time in the relationship where you both need to make time for each other. You may not be able to spend as much time together as both of you would like during the week, but there is always the weekend. Don’t let too much time pass in your relationship without spending time with each other.

4. Maintain Healthy Relationships Outside of Your Romantic Relationship

Maintaining a healthy relationship with friends and family is as important as maintaining a healthy relationship. When you are at odds with your friends and family, it puts a strain on you as well as your partner. Stressing your partner will not make her happy, so maintain healthy relationship with everyone.

3. Be Aware of Sexual and Intimacy Needs

Every individual is different when it comes to sex and intimacy. It is your job to know what your partner needs and wants. Sex and intimacy are two different things, and knowing the difference is a great start. Know when your partner wants sex or wants to cuddle with you and watch movies.

2. Show Your Dedication

There is nothing wrong with showing your lover your dedication to her and the relationship. Showing your dedication will not only make your lover happy, it will also help her gain your trust. Trust and dedication are two things that keep a relationship steady and strong.

1. Communication is the Key to Success

Communication is the key to success in any relationship. The more you communicate with your lover, the better things will be between the two of you. When you keep the lines of communication open, the better you will able to keep issues from escalating to bigger problems.

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