So, you want to take that guy or girl you’ve been crushing on out on a date but your wallet is about as empty as the inside of George W. Bush’s head. Not to worry – you don’t have to spend big bucks to have an terrific date. Here are 10 awesome things that you can do on the cheap.

10. Karaoke: Although studies* show that the average person consumes approximately $100 worth of alcohol before having the courage to sing karaoke, you are allowed to go and order a soda. You’ll spend about $5 between the two of you because most bars offer free refills.

9. Culture Shows: Whether it’s an art gallery, museum or other place that offers culture, you’ll find that you can get in for free much of the time – and some of them offer complimentary wines, crackers or cheeses.

8. Summertime Concerts: When bands play outdoor concerts the price of admission is usually zero. You’ll just have to be able to sit on the grass for long periods. If it’s a long concert, bring a picnic.

7. Beer & Board Games: If you have some old board games, and you can afford some of your favorite alcohol, you’ve got all of the ingredients for a terrific date night. Beer and board games go together like grandmothers and homemade socks. Heck, someone even made a YouTube web series about it.

6. Take a Drive to the Country: No, this isn’t the title of the next Taylor Swift song – it’s a great way to spend time with a date when you have plenty of gas in the car. Cowboy hats and chaps optional.

5. Beach It Up: There are so many things to do at the beach. You could play volleyball, swim, skip rocks, lay out and sunbathe, read or (if you find the right beach) strip and see how the nudists live.

4. Volunteer Somewhere, Anywhere! Take your date with you on a volunteer mission. Whether it is at a soup kitchen, hanging out at an assisted living facility or visiting kids in the hospital.

3. Spend the Day at the Zoo: Zoos are very affordable in most cities and you can spend hours looking at all of the exhibits.

2. Have a Photoshoot Date: If you have a decent camera and some stuff you can use to make costumes you can have a great date taking pictures. Post them on Facebook or Tumblr.

1. Take Test Drives: So, this might not be the most ethical thing on the list, but you can take a test drive as long as you have a valid license, and hey, you might buy that Ford Mustang convertible someday.

*By studies we mean this writer’s personal observations of karaoke night.


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