No two people have the same type of relationship. That’s why it’s so hard to ask advice of your friends and family because they only see you on the outside, not when the two of you are alone. You can project a whole different persona to the outside world. Yet, behind closed doors, things may be totally different.

You can still remember when the two of you first met and you spent hours wondering if taking the relationship further was the right thing to do. Equally important is when things have not been going well and you need to decide if the relationship is worth saving. There will be warning signs and you have to be alert enough to recognize them:

10. Are you fighting all the time? Is the fighting over stuff that doesn’t matter? If it seems as if you can’t say anything that doesn’t cause a flare-up, it may be time to look at what’s really going on.

9. Does almost everything he does annoy you? If you can’t relax in his presence because it is so irritating to be around him, it’s time to evaluate the situation. He doesn’t have to do anything horrible, just being him is what annoys you. That’s something he can’t change and if it annoys you now, it will really annoy you later.

8. The last time you went out as a couple, you didn’t enjoy it. You wished you hadn’t agreed, because now you are just miserable.

7. You start to think about your ex-boyfriends and wonder if you could re-kindle those old feelings, if you had the chance.

6. You start to think that life would be so much easier without him in your life. It seems as if everything is such a struggle and you are so stressed.

5. He doesn’t seem to have the same level of caring for you that he did in the beginning.

4. He wants to do more and more on his own, and doesn’t include you. You two are living in the same house, but there is no true intimacy.

3. You consider cheating on him, even though that is never a good way to fix things.

2. You have to tell yourself the relationship is near the end, even if you don’t want to admit it.

1. The most important thing to do if you decide to leave is to protect yourself. Make sure the break-up is not violent and not going to cause you even more pain.

You will know that you made the right decision once you are without him. Concentrate on being your own person, without the added stress of wondering what his reaction will be. Don’t rush into another relationship too soon, take time for yourself. Be happy just being you.


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