Proposing can be exciting, but also very nerve racking for a lot of people. This is when people should know about the top ten places to propose. By knowing about these places, it is going to be easy to propose and know that the answer will be a resounding yes.

10. Restaurants are one of the places that people tend to think is romantic and can provide a great getaway However, people will quickly find that they are going to need to know about the restaurant and make sure it is one where they have eaten at before to guarantee they have some great memories of the place already in place.

9. The zoo may seem like an odd place to propose, but most of the time a zoo will have some beautiful gardens. These gardens will make a beautiful backdrop for any pictures that you plan on having taken of the engagement, but also will allow you to feel more comfortable and that you are in the middle of nature.

8. Fountains can be a good place because the fountains can give a surprise with the water, but also the proposal can be a surprise as well. So this is a great place to consider for an engagement.

7. The mall can be a good idea to look for as well. When people propose at the mall it will generally be at the jewelry store, but this is a great place to propose as well.

6. Near a beach is another great idea. The beach often helps to breed some romance rumblings in people and this means the beach will be a great place for people to propose to one another at.

5. The main square in the local town may be a good place to propose as well, if people have a nice looking square. This means that people will want to make sure the square is nice, but also that the timing is right to avoid extra traffic or other problems.

4. Major cities are going to offer a ton of options for people to use and often these will provide people with quite a few options to explore. Since this is the case, people may want to consider the major cities that are around the area they are living in.

3. Gardens will provide a great place for people to propose at. These do not have to be professionally ran gardens, but they will need to make sure they are well kept to guarantee they have a great wedding.

2. The church that people have been attending for some time may be a good idea. Now this does not mean that they should propose in the middle of service, but outside of the church is a great place for people to propose.

1. Mountains are a beautiful area and often allow people to have a great time. However, what people do not realize is the romance that comes here will allow people to have a great time if they propose because of the area that they are at.

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