Getting married is exciting, but for a lot of people they need to get a lot of things in order before they get married. Here are the top five things that people need to get in line before the wedding to guarantee they are ready to get married. Without these things people may have trouble in getting ready for their wedding and end up disappointing their guest because of the lack of organization the wedding has.

5. Make sure the reception hall and church are booked. By getting this information booked first, people are going to get the bookings they need to have, but also know when the date works best for these people. So people will not have to be concerned about waiting until the last minute to book these places. However, booking early is also going to let people get the invitations completed.

4. Invitations is something else that people need to have in place. Once the reservations are in place for the church and the reception hall, people need to make sure they send out the invitations to people. This is going to allow people to get the right help in knowing how many people are coming, but also will help in spreading the word to people that they need to save the date to guarantee they can get the right number of people attending their wedding.

3. Arranging the caterer is another thing for people to consider as one of the main things to consider when they are planning the wedding. Typically the caterers will need to have a good heads up on the number of people who are coming, but also on the date. So it is important for people to put an RSVP by date on their wedding invites and know how many people are coming to guarantee they are able to get the caterer lined up with enough food.

2. Figure out the clothing for the bridesmaids is another thing for the ladies to consider. Doing this means the ladies are going to be going dress shopping, but they are also going to get a chance to buy the dress they want to have. So the ladies need to make sure they are looking at the dresses carefully because this is going to impact how well they look, but depending on the dress will impact how long it will be before the dress starts to arrive for people to wear.

1. The last thing and the most important thing for the engaged couple to have ready is going to be the rings. These rings are going to be what they give to each other as a symbol of their love, but they are also what lets other people know they are married. So the people need to make sure they have the rings ready for the big day as well.

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