For a lot of people, dating will never be an extremely easy process. Awkwardness often prevails in a situation where confidence should have taken over instead, and you might find that you have unfortunately blown your date. No matter if the date was blown because of this, or if the blown date is what lead to this, some people follow some really bad “strategies” to win over their special someone. Here are 10 examples of some bad dating strategies that will not only lose in the end, but make you look like a loser. Don’t try these at home OR the restaurant!

10. Don’t be pushy – Confidence is nice, but only to an extent. If you’re too aggro about things, you will push them right out of your life.

9. Don’t rush your partner – While you may want to get into a serious (or at least semi-serious) relationship, your partner may just not be ready to get deeper. If you try to rush, it might make them even more wary.

8. Don’t do things to “earn points” – Pulling out a chair or holding the door open is fine, but at the same time, if you’re only doing it in order to earn points, it spells a lot of trouble. One reason for this is because it can make you feel raw if your chivalry isn’t rewarded.

7. Don’t be creepy – Creepy behaviour and tactics typically refers to when you might get too desperate and start to make your date feel uncomfortable. This kind of behaviour can leave the both of you feeling disappointed by the end of it.

6. Don’t be a jerk – For as often as people say “nice guys never win,” people really overstate just how often jerks win. Being a jerk will honestly do nothing more than make your date feel unwelcome and a bit frustrated with your behaviour.

5. Don’t be a doormat – On the other hand, being too accommodating can make your date feel that you don’t have a spine! The objective should be to treat them as your equal.

4. Don’t be clingy – Nothing more annoying than having something annoying stuck to you!

3. Don’t play desperate – It’s easy to sniff out desperation, and so if you let yourself get too much of that, it’ll be obvious.

2. Don’t play aloof – Playing aloof is a great first step to making your date bored with your antics.

1. DON’T BE A PICK-UP ARTIST! – Oh my, oh gosh, just don’t. There is really something to be said about pick-up artists: namely, they’re all scumbags. If you don’t know what it is, the best way to describe it is to say that they prey upon women and typically plot ways to manipulate them into liking them. They’re gross and awful.


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