Any guy will tell you, a relationship with a woman can be a fickle thing. Whether this is your first real rodeo or you have been in the game for a long time, you never really become an expert with words when it comes to pleasing your woman. Here are ten things that should not, under any circumstances, be said to your girlfriend.

10. You should come back to my place.

You may want to say it. You may feel like she is offering all the right vibes. But, you should never suggest to your recently acquired girlfriend that she come with you to your place because she is only going to hear one thing.

9. You know, I have been with a lot of women…

In the past, you may have been a gigolo and you think you know all there is to know about a woman. However, your new girl is not going to want to be reminded of all of the women you have been with–ever.

8. I just really don’t like your mother.

It is okay that you despise the woman who gave birth to your girlfriend, but you are not allowed to say this aloud. One way, somehow, what you say will be held against you.

7. You really should not dress so trashy.

If you are looking to get on a woman’s bad side, say something about how she dresses. If what she is wearing is a little over the top, try offering up suggestions instead. You will be less likely to get a high-heeled shoe to the face.

6. So and so was really something in bed.

Bringing up past bedroom relationships can be one of the worst things that you say to a female. She will automatically take anything you say as an insult, no matter what the context of the conversation.

5. You are acting like my ex-girlfriend.

This is an all out no no. You never make a comparison out loud to a previous girlfriend. You may feel it, but never say it.

4. You look like you have gained weight.

Women are often so obsessed with maintaining their shape that f they have gained weight, they will know it. There is no need for you to point out the obvious and cause a scene. She can say it, but you are to keep your mouth firmly shut.

3. Did you really just eat all of that?

It doesn’t matter if she just scarfed down an extra large pizza in five minutes flat. You never make this kind of claim to a woman.

2. I really miss my mother’s cooking.

The food that she creates with love may be burnt to a crisp and smell a little funny, but you should keep shoveling it in, chew like there’s no tomorrow, and never bring up your mother.

1. I can tell it’s that time of the month.

No. Never. Bad idea. This is a sure-fire way to ensure that she makes sure you know what time of the month it is and you will always regret this statement.

As a man, you are given a few free passes for not being so smart when it comes to speaking to a female. However, making too many mistakes with what you say to your girlfriend can land you in not just hot water, but in the frigid friend zone real fast.


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