Guys may not be the best when it comes to words, but every now and again, they will slip up and say something that is profoundly pleasing to a woman’s ears. It is all about finding the right things to say at the right time when it comes to pleasing a woman. Here are ten things that every woman would like to hear from her main man.

10. We should spend more time together.

This is music to a female’s ears because it shows that you want something more out of the relationship; that she is valued; important.

9. We just don’t have enough romance in our lives.

A man who has a softer side is always appreciated by a woman. In fact, most ladies complain that their man has no idea what romance is all about. Statements like this show that you really do care about making romance a priority that is very much alive in your relationship.

8. Let’s go on a vacation.

Spur of the moment ideas and adventures are an incredible way to keep things interesting. If your lady is feeling sick and tired of the same ole grind, she will jump at the chance to get away for a while.

7. You should go shopping.

As much as a woman may not like to admit the cliche, girls like to shop. By giving her a reason to do what she loves, in fact, giving her permission to do so without slack from you, she will only love you more.

6. I bought you a gift — just because.

Every girl like to get gifts and when you think enough of her to give a gift just because, it will make her feel like she is always on her mind.

5. You don’t have to cook tonight.

Even though both men and women should share the responsibilities in the kitchen, the woman in the relationship often ends up being the chef for the night. Make her night by bringing home dinner.

4. You need a day to yourself.

Is your wife looking stressed out lately? Show her you know what she needs by telling her she needs a day to herself and then make sure she gets it.

3. I look forward to the rest of my life with you.

Show her how excited you are that she is spending the rest of her life with you with this thoughtful sentiment.

2. You are going to be an amazing mother.

Being a good mother takes qualities that any woman knows are special. For you to recognize those qualities will mean a great deal to her.

1. I am so glad you chose me.

Let her know how thankful you are that she made the decision to have you as part of her life. She is sure to be happy to hear such a heartfelt thought come from the mouth of the man she loves.


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