You are ready to enter that potential quagmire know as modern dating, but online dating seems a bit, well, like a last resort, or too daring, or too intimidating. Lay your fears and excuses to rest and let these ten reason encourage you to open up that laptop and sign in.

10. Online dating is the way of the future—there is no shame here! Dating online doesn’t mean you have failed in face to face encounters. With online banking, online degree programs, and constant online communication, dating online is one more way to take advantage of the abundance of resources right at your fingertips.

9. Chance for creativity—with online dating, you create and maintain your profile, and this is a great time to exercise your creative writing skills—whether with dramatic speech or humorous and witty words. Your profile can be a great outlet for fun and creativity.

8. Safe—when used wisely, i.e., not giving out too much personal information and always meeting in public places, online dating can be a safer alternative to random late night excursions. Online dating allows you to get to know someone more in depth (hopefully!) before meeting in person.

7. Amazing access—online dating provides access to thousands of potential dates at once. No more hoping you will run into that special someone at the grocery store, or the gym (although that is always possible!). You have access to connections that would not be possible without the internet.

6. Opportunity for personal growth—dating online might challenge the limits of your comfort zone, and that is a good thing! Trying something new doesn’t always feel good or right, but that doesn’t mean it won’t prove to be just that.

5. Flexible—online dating can be arranged around your schedule and utilized as much or as little as you would like. You can check your profile and messages every day, or only on the weekends. You can respond at times that work for you.

After a week of hard work, there’s nothing better than going with your loved ones on a date night on a Friday.

4. Specific—your profile says exactly what you want it to, and you can say exactly what you are looking for. If a potential date doesn’t agree, it’s no wasted time. On the flip side, when you are searching for a date, you can easily skip over profiles that don’t interest you or take advantage of advanced search options to be as specific as you want!

3. Adventure—online dating is a great way to open up your life to exciting possibilities.

2. Control—online dating gives you control over how much you communicate, when you communicate, and with whom you communicate. If a user is bothering you, you can block them. If someone has really caught your eye, you can make that clear—it’s all up to you!

1. Giving love a chance—the best reason to give online dating a try is that you are also giving love a chance. Is it risky? Of course! Being vulnerable with your needs and desires is never easy, but meeting a person who will walk with your through life no matter what…that’s worth the try!


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