Whether you have been married for one year or fifty, your wedding anniversary is an important day and should be recognized. You could go out for dinner at your favorite place or do the same things you always have, but it is a better idea to do something new and make the day special Here are ten creative things to do on your wedding anniversary.

10. Take a Road Trip

Get up, grab coffee, and head out on the road for the day. Be spontaneous and see what you can find new and exciting for your anniversary. You may just find a new favorite spot.

9. Go On a Picnic

There is nothing better than getting away from everything and everybody to enjoy only one another on your anniversary. Pack some sandwiches, a blanket, and a bottle of wine and head off to a remote area in nature.

8. Get the House to Yourselves

Kick out the kids, get a sitter for the dog, and tell grandma to get lost. Sometimes all it takes for the day to be special is to spend time in your own home in solitude.

7. Visit Old Stomping Grounds

Think about where you two met, the places you used to have fun, or where you went on your best dates. Make your anniversary about revisiting all those old places and you may just rekindle some old flames.

6. Pick a High-Point and Watch the Sunset

Do a little research ahead of time and find the best place to watch the sun go down where you live. It can be a lot of fun to be together as the anniversary day comes to an official end.

5. Grab a Blanket and Study the Stars

If you are really looking to connect on your anniversary, grab a blanket and head to a clear spot to watch the stars. Make it even more special with some good champagne and music from the car radio.

4. Go Dancing or Barhopping

Breath a little life into your boring routine together by heading out for some after hours fun. head to your favorite bar or go dancing. You may be surprised to see just how much more fun this can be than trying so hard to be romantic.

3. Go See Your Favorite Band in Concert

Find one of the favorite bands that the two of you share and go see a live show. This can take some planning, but will be well worth the experience and make for a good anniversary.

2. Travel Back in Time

It may not be possible to really go back in time, but you can recreate your favorite life events together. Go reenact the initial question at the sacred place or revisit the place where you had your first kiss and do it again.

1. Take an After Honeymoon

Every anniversary is a celebration that the two of you have made it one more year together. Just as you celebrated your union way back when, you should do also do now. Plan a short after honeymoon for your anniversary. It can be a weekend stay a few states away or even just an overnight in a cheap hotel room. It is all about remembering why you wanted to be together in the first place.


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