Jordan was not thrilled about getting a roommate, but after he and his fiancé broke up and she moved away, he was left with six months left on a lease he could not afford. He had been filtering emails for a week from prospective roommates, all of which seemed very creepy, or very unemployed. He was not trying to be too picky, but one of the guys moonlighted as a clown, you don’t get creepier than clowns.

He had finally gotten on response that seemed halfway normal. A guy named Sam, medical student, likes to play basket ball. Ok, he decided that he would meet with the guy and see what was wrong with him.

Jordan and Sam had set up a meeting at Pete’s, a local bar. He sent Sam a text when he arrived to let him know he was there. “Cool,” he sent a text back, “I’m here too.”

“Where are you?” he asked.

“I’m at the end of the bar. I have on a blue shirt.”

Jordan craned his neck to see past all of the other patrons at the bar, and there at the end of the bar was a stunning brunette, in a tight blue blouse, playing around with a glass of wine. Jordan stopped for a minute. That girl was hot, but where was Sam? Jordan’s phone went off, another text from Sam. “Dude, where are you? What are wearing?”

“I have on a red Alabama sweat shirt.” He sent the text and then he looked back toward the end of the bar, his stomach lurched when he saw the hot, brunette in the tight blue blouse waving and smiling at him. No freaking way! He thought to himself. She waved him to come over. Jordan searched his brain to for whether or not he had ever specified only male applicants. He suddenly realized that he had not.

“Hi,” Sam said enthusiastically.

“Hi,” Jordan said hesitantly.

“Oh, no! You thought I was a guy didn’t you? I realized after we set this up that I probably should have mentioned it, but then I thought, hey it is 2014, this isn’t Victorian England, guys and girls can be roommates, rights?” She talked kind of fast, and her eyes sparkled with fun. Jordan found himself quickly captivated.

“Sure,” he said in a daze.

They ordered drinks and talked for over two hours. When they finally parted ways, it was decided that Sam would come over to the apartment the next day to check out the place.

The next day Jordan found himself unusually nervous. Which pissed him off because nothing about Sam seemed nervous. She seemed so confident, but without coming off as cocky. He found it incredibly appealing. When she arrived, he could tell she instantly loved the apartment and it was quickly decided that she would begin moving in the next day.

The two quickly fell into a great routine, unlike anything Jordan had ever had with another roommate. They got along just fine, and never fought over things most roommates fight over like what temperature to set the thermostat on. But more than that, Sam and Jordan found themselves wanting to spend all of their free time together too. They were not just roommates passing in the hall on the way to work. They had quickly become friends, who could not wait to get back home at night so they could have a glass of wine together and talk about their days.

They had so much in common it was scary, and the novel experience of finding someone who understood even the quirkiest things about you, soon turned into full on attraction. Jordan found himself aching every time Sam darted down the hallway in her towel after a shower. And Sam could barely stand it when Jordan would stumble sleepily to the coffee pot in the morning, in nothing but his Super Man pajama pants. Occassionally while cooking dinner their hands would touch and the electricity was tangible in the room.

On New Year’s Eve both of them were surprised to discover, that neither of them wanted to go out to celebrate, but rather snuggled up on the couch with rum and eggnog to ring in the New Year. They talked for hours, and as the hours passed, and the rum diminished, they found themselves moving closer and closer together on the couch.

As the New Year approached, Jordan found himself face to face with Sam, gently smoothing her beautiful hair. Right before he kissed her he said, “I hope you know in this New Year I don’t want you to be my roommate any more.”

She smiled slyly, “Oh, are you kicking me out?”

“No, I just want you to be much, much more,” as the ball finally dropped in New York, they finally fell into each other arms.

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