Being a gay man has never been easy, but it is more accepted in today’s society more than it has ever been. Like any human being, gay men have types, standards, and morals. There are a few things you should and should not do when you are dating.

1. Don’t Waste Your Time Being Overbearing

No one is fond of an overbearing person, especially on the first date. Being overbearing can send the wrong message and surely not get you a second date you may be looking forward to. Play things by ear and go with the flow of things.

2. It’s Okay to be Flawlessly Feminine, But Don’t Overdo it

If you’re a gay man who takes more to the feminine side, there is nothing wrong with that, but you may want to tone down the volume a little. Not every gay man is comfortable with their date wearing wigs, dresses, and purses. No one is telling you not to be yourself, but if this is something your date is not fond of, you will have to find other ways to be feminine or try your luck at another date.

3. It’s Okay to Show A Little Interest

Showing interest is perfectly fine on the first date. Something interests you in this person that is why you decided to go on a date. Get to know him and the things he likes. You may be surprised at how much you do or do not have in common. If you don’t have too much in common, you shouldn’t be alarmed. The saying goes that opposites attract, but if the two of you are too different, you may want to keep the relationship at a friendship level. Let your date know how you feel about your differences.

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4. Talk about the Past, but Don’t Make it the Highlight of the Date

Yes, everyone has a past, but the past, such as previous relationships that obviously did not work, should not be the highlight of the date. Not only will speaking so much about the past make your date uncomfortable, but it may give them the wrong impression, like maybe you are not over your previous relationship. Discussing the past and similar issues are the primary reason it is essential you move on to another relationship when you are certain you are ready to do so and finished with the past.

5. Don’t be Afraid to Open Up to Your Date

The purpose for a date is for you to get to know the person who has caught your attention. Opening up to your date and telling them your life story on the first date are two different things. He may not be ready to handle the things you have been through, so keep it light. If the first and second date go well, you can venture further into your life and share details you think he may need to know about you. Don’t put all of your cards on the table during the first date.

6. Make Note of His Likes and Dislikes

Everyone has likes and dislikes, and you should pay attention to the things your date enjoys and things that he does not find amusing. Knowing what he likes and dislikes is the perfect way to cater to him when you are ready and plan nice outings. Don’t be afraid to make suggestions and get to know him for everything he is.

Here are six factors to keep in mind when you are ready to date a man who grasps your attention. Stick to these details, and don’t worry about blow your first date!

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