Trevor is a talented man like the next and he has experienced his ups and downs, but lately, he has been down on his luck. He was in between jobs, his car was a piece of junk and wouldn’t start, he was swamped in bills, and he was alone. Trevor didn’t have any children or a wife which many thought was strange for a 31 year old man. Trevor was quiet, nice, and polite. Many people viewed him as the perfect gentleman.

Today, Trevor was down and sad. He didn’t know where to turn. He didn’t have any friends, and his family lived miles away. Trevor was alone, but didn’t think he needed anyone. He loved the city of Seattle where he lived, despite the unfortunate things that were taking place. Trevor was a man who always looked on the bright side of things and always smiled. Today, he was down on his luck, but he still smiled.

He thought coffee was a great way to start his day, so he made his way to the Buckley coffee shop. Buckley coffee shop had the best coffee in Seattle. Trevor walked in and sat down at a booth alone. He noticed the eyes of a woman watching him. Trevor didn’t pay it any mind. He thought 31 years old was too old to get married and begin a family. Trevor didn’t want to get to know someone and end up heart broken.

As Trevor sipped his coffee and looked in the classified section for jobs, he kept telling himself things would get better. There was a woman still eyeing him, but he still paid it no mind. He finished his coffee and took his paper with him. The mysterious woman watched as Trevor walked out of the coffee shop. The coffee made Trevor feel a little better, so he decided to talk a walk around the block before he walked home.

The next morning, Trevor’s sadness didn’t go away. Looking on the bright side of things, he gets up and decides to have a coffee or two at Seattle’s best coffee shop. When he enters Buckley, he sat in his normal booth and enjoyed his coffee while reading the classified section of the newspaper.

Again, Trevor feels a woman’s eyes on him and notices it’s the same woman from yesterday. Trevor found it weird that the woman was in the coffee shop again, but he didn’t saying anything. He never thought a woman would be interested in him. The mysterious woman struts over to the booth where Trevor is sitting and invites herself to have a seat. She looks at him and smiles. Trevor looks up from his paper, smiles, then continues reading. The mysterious woman introduces herself as Sarah. Trevor compliments her name and continues looking through the classified section of the newspaper.

Sarah continues to sit with Trevor at his favourite booth while he reads the paper. The waitress comes to ask what they would like. Sarah and Trevor order the same coffee. Trevor found it odd that someone liked the same coffee as he did. Trevor thought of himself as an odd individual who felt like he had nothing in common with anyone in the world. They sipped the same coffee from different cups as Sarah began a conversation. Trevor and Sarah discussed the weather in Seattle, what they planned on doing in the future, and anything else they could think of. Trevor was surprised at how much he had in common with the mysterious woman named Sarah.

Trevor enjoyed many of the same things, including movies, foods, television shows, architecture, art, culture, and coffee. Trevor couldn’t believe that he met a woman who was as interesting as he was, but he knew today would be a great day. Sarah suggested they leave and go to her house to watch movies and talk more, but before Trevor knew it, he suggested they go to his home and finish their conversation. Sarah agreed, and they left the coffee shop together. When they got to Trevor’s home, they picked several movies they wanted to watch and fixed drinks, snacks, and popcorn. Trevor and Sarah enjoyed a few movies, snacked on popcorn, and talked a little more about the things they enjoyed.

Trevor was enjoying himself more than he ever had before and he was greatly attracted to Sarah. Little did Trevor know, Sarah was interested in him like he was interested in her. As night fell, Trevor and Sarah got more comfortable. Sarah and Trevor got comfortable on the couch as they continued to watch movies. Night continued to fall as Sarah and Trevor got more acquainted.

Out of the blue, Sarah lunged at Trevor and kissed him. Trevor was surprised, but he didn’t object. Trevor returned the favour by kissing Sarah, and before they knew it, they were involved in a romantic adventure they both needed.

Sarah and Trevor continued to kiss as clothes flew in one direction or the other. Sarah never knew a man could make her feel like heaven on earth, and Trevor never realized how lonely he was, and how much he longed for the company of a woman. Hours passed as their bodies pressed against each other. By morning, Trevor and Sarah were more than glad they met. They decided to continue their romantic adventure and have coffee every morning at Buckley’s. Trevor and Sarah’s romantic journey never ended. Even in their old age, they replay the events of how they met and the romantic night they had.

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