It can be scary treading into the waters of flirting with another man, particularly if you aren’t sure of his orientation beforehand. But there are some great visual and verbal cues that will tell you if he’s into you that way, and to let him know that you feel the same way.

Visual Cues He is Attracted to You

If he looks at you when you aren’t looking, or if you catch him looking away when you turn to look at him, it could be that he’s attracted to you. Either that, or he thinks you might be someone famous that he just can’t place.

He smiles at you and maintains eye contact. Platonic guy friends don’t usually stare deeply into each other’s eyes, as a rule, so if he keeps staring into your eyes and he smiles a lot, you can take this as a positive sign, although by no means should you let it be the deciding factor on whether or not to lay your cards on the table.

If he responds to your body language, by doing the same things you do (leaning forward, mimicking hand movements) it either means that he’s interested in you romantically, or that he likes or respects you for some other reason. Again, this is by no means definitive, but it is another clue that you can use to gauge his interest.

Verbal Cues He Likes You

If he tries to make you laugh, more than other guys that are with you, then he may just be into you. Guys know that humor is a great way to flirt, and will use it to let someone know that they like them, and if you find even his lamest jokes funny, it is a good sign you are attracted to him too.

If you notice that he is always trying to get closer to you, such as making sure he is seated next to you when you hang out with others, he is probably attracted to you. Either that, or he wants to borrow money.

Physical Cues You Can Use

One of the biggest giveaways that someone likes you is that they are always touching you, and this is true for both genders. If a guy is attracted to you he will want to touch you, and that means sometimes creating “accidental” touches. If you notice a lot of these unnecessary or accidental touches, you’re probably in the zone for a date. However, don’t confuse truly accidental with accidentally-on–purpose.

Determining How to Proceed

Once you are fairly certain that a guy is into you that way, you can use these same signals to let him know that you’re attracted to him, particularly unnecessary touching, moving closer, eye contact and conversation. If you can pluck up the courage, then you simply can ask him if he’s attracted to you, or let him know that you’re attracted. This can be scary for anyone, but the rewards of asking could be amazing.

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