When looking for someone to be your special someone following the signs that they maybe interested to can be difficult. Friends often make the best lovers but bridging that gap, especially if you are unsure that they feel the same way, is tough. However, all hope is not lost, when looking to see if the other person has been sending out subtle clues that they have their eyes on you here are a few tips to remember.

Do they try to get you alone:

Here is a strong indicator that they have more than just friendship in mind. Even if its simple things like going to the movies, hanging out at home, when it is done in your company they seem more interested. This is a big green flag. If they seem to only be interested in doing boring tasks if you are going along or doing things that are way out of their comfort zone to just get to some alone time then it maybe time to surprise them with a dinner for two.

They come to you for advice:

This can be a tricky thing to navigate. Everyone has the friend that people go to when they do not know quite what to do. If you are that kind of friend then you may want to be very careful how you precede. There is a difference between asking your advice and caring what you think. This is where a friend may want to more. Do they ask you if you would still feel the same about them if they did blah, blah, blah. This is something that is different from just saying, do you think I should leave my job. If they want to look well in your eyes that maybe a signal that they want to be more than just friends.

Your decisions affect them:

If you are expecting moving for work and your friend seems more than a little heartbroken than you may have found someone who is interested in being more than just a friend. Or even something less extreme like your decision not to consult them about life changes that you want to make. If they are invested in whom you are then they maybe interested in more than being apart of your group of friends. Again, this can sometimes be a gray area, some people just like to all up in other people’s business. But if it seems like they genuinely care rather than just being catty then you may have a great relationship waiting to happen.

When deciding to see if a friendship should be more decide first if it what you want. Because once you cross, that line it can be difficult to go back. Before knowing how they feel make sure you know how you feel. Going half-hearted in to any relationship is a bad idea, especially if it with a good friend.

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