Every relationship is actually unique; however, they all have essential requirements to make them successful. The basics may be in different forms, however, without the basic corner stones, actually no relationship can last.

5. Make time for yourselves

Life’s demands always get in any relationship’s way. If you do not schedule time for yourselves, it probably will not happen for you. For instance, you can decide that every Friday nights will be the time you set aside to your relationship.

4. Communication

Do not allow petty fissure in your lesbian relationship to turn into undefeatable canyons. Let your other half know exactly what you are thinking of whether big or small. If there is something bothering you, try to speak up. Problems cannot be solved unless you speak about it.

3. Direction

Another great tip to having a long-lasting lesbian relationship is simply direction. Do you have dreams and goals together? This is an additional key area that the majority of relationships lack. Most people do not have dreams or goals beyond paying bills, and they never encourage themselves or their partners to do more and be more than they currently have. This could be as easy as taking martial arts classes, learning how to dance together, or it could as well be as big as building an outstanding business. The major point is that you two have certain things you want to do and achieve together. Things that make you bond even more.

2. Trust

The second tip is trust. Cheating is simply cheating and it does not matter what sex or who it is with your partner. This is among the major reasons why most relationships do not have trust. With trust, you will be able to depend on your partner not only for the truth, but with the soul, heart, body and mind. Can you rely on them to hold you when you feel weak? Can you trust them to support you at the times when you cannot stand? Can you rely on them to be there regardless of what happens and regardless of how hard things might get.

1. Intimacy

The first tip on having a lasting lesbian relationship is definitely intimacy. Intimacy is the connection two people have. Do you like being around each other’s company? Are you each other’s best friend and do you think they take lots of energy and time to make you feel special and important? This is exactly what intimacy is about.

Keeping a lesbian relationship healthy is certainly worth the effort. Consider how depressed you were in past relationships that went bad, and remember how great your current partner has made you feel. You then ought to never, take your relationship or woman for granted. If your relationship is set as your top priority, you have the very best opportunity of a happy and satisfying future together!


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