If there’s one thing about the holidays, for single folks they can be extremely irritating. That’s because the holidays are often about family, bringing people together with their relatives. Those who are involved or married have a partner and only have to deal with the challenge of choosing where to go or being at two family events at once. However, single folk find that the holidays often exacerbate their singleness and lack of a partner. Fortunately, the holidays also often a great time to meet up with like-minded singles as well.

The Office Party

Just about every human resources manager as well as organizational writers will say emphatically that people should not date at work. Well, surprise, people still do so, and they often find partners at work. This should be no surprise; people spend eight hours of the day with each other at work, far more than any other location in a daily life. So the holiday office party can be a great opportunity to meet up with folks and find a date, if this work out accordingly. Any possibilities should avoid any kind of a supervisor-subordinate situation. That’s just a sexual harassment claim waiting to happen. Ideally, dating at work should be with someone who works in a different program. If things work out at the party and something starts, just remember to keep it private and not be obvious at work. Some companies get worried and have an issue with over office dating.

Holiday Parties

Just because you’re in town visiting the family for the holidays doesn’t mean that you have to spend every waking hour with them. In fact, relatives can get a person’s never pretty quick. So letting out some steam at a holiday party with local friends is a great way to meet folks and potentially find a new date. Here’s the advantage: you’re in town, you’re not one of the locals anymore, and you have a clean slate with the folks you meet. That’s a great combination during the holidays when meeting new people. Just call up some friends ahead of time and get the low-down on who is having a holiday party one of the evenings you’re there. If there is one, take advantage of it. If nothing else, you’ll have more fun than with your relatives and a dry turkey.

Got Cousins? Go Dating

I know, that sub-title sounded bad, but the real advantage of cousins when in town for the holidays is that if they are the same age, they can often be the means for a group date with friends and new folks you haven’t met before. No, you’re not dating your cousin. You’re using him or her as a proxy to meet new people on a night on the town. And who doesn’t want to go out with a group and have some nightlife fun during the holidays?

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