First dates are tricky, it’s hard to find just the right balance of being your complete self and being a little reserved and not ready to expose everything to the other person. Remember that this is the first time you get the chance to make a good impression, and if you want the first date to lead to other dates, you will have to be careful in what you say and do. Some things you will want to watch out for follow:

10. As you make conversation with the other person, take notice of what he is saying. Most people start off with telling you what they do for a living and that’s fine. It makes you get to know them better but if they are bragging about what they do, watch out. If he is trying to impress you with his job and his salary instead of his own personality and values, that’s not a good sign.

9. Beware of the guy who professes his love for you too soon. Remember you really don’t even know him at this point and for him to say he loves you is totally out of place. He’s trying too hard.

8. It’s great if he asks you questions about what kind of things you like. But have your guard up if he likes every single thing you mention, without telling you what he likes. If he’s too agreeable, it may a sign that he’s too anxious for a relationship. They take time to develop and rushing it won’t work for either of you.

7. If he doesn’t have a good relationship with his immediate family, that could be a red flag.

6. If you discover he doesn’t have a job, don’t let him convince you that his last boss didn’t like him, etc. If he’s not responsible, you don’t want to be with him.

5. If you find out he still lives at home, for whatever reason, run the other way – fast!

4. If he doesn’t have reliable transportation, don’t waste your time. Soon, who do you think he will rely on for rides?

3. If he asks you to go out the next night, flatly refuse, in no uncertain terms. He is jumping the gun and there is plenty of time to get to know him. Take your time, if he is pressing you to see him often, bow out now, things will only get worse.

2. Don’t feel like having one date with him obligates you for a second one.

1. If you prefer not to get to know him better, let him know right away. He will hopefully appreciate your honesty in letting him know you are not interested. Never let him know where you live or work on a first date, it’s just not safe.


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